Appeal to trace missing Ribble Valley dogs Pooch and Lulu

Pals Pooch and Lulu, who went missing from their home in Stonyhurst. (s)
Pals Pooch and Lulu, who went missing from their home in Stonyhurst. (s)
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Two much loved family pets disappeared from their home next to Cromwell’s bridge in Stonyhurst during a Saturday evening barbecue.

Lulu (4), a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Jack Russell Pooch (6) were noted missing after their owner Cheryl Patefield noticed they were absent as the food was being served.

She said “It’s totally unlike them not to be around when the food comes out and when we went to look for them, they were nowhere to be seen. We searched the house and garden numerous times and have been up and down the river by the house both on the night and subsequent following days, but there’s no clue as to where they might have gone.”

Both dogs are microchipped and wearing collars. Cheryl describes Lulu as a very friendly dog who would go to anyone. Lulu is black all over and Pooch is black and tan.

She continued “We’ve put posters up around Whalley and notified the police – we’re just hoping that they may have got a scent of something with the weather being as nice as it has been and they might have simply gone too far away from home to be able to find their way back. We feel totally lost without them and just really want them home safe and sound.”

Anyone with any information can ring Cheryl on 01254 826968 or 07533 154912.