An Easter message for the people of Lancashire

Rt Rev. Julian Henderson
Rt Rev. Julian Henderson

Lancashire Bishop, Rt Rev. Julian Henderson has issued his Easter message.

The message is included in full below, along with a video which was recorded the day after the terrible events in Brussels.

Here is the full message.

I'm writing this Easter message the day after the devastating bombings in Brussels … a solemn reminder, like in Paris and Ankara and other less well known places in the world, that nowadays nowhere is safe and evil knows no boundaries.

Life is very uncertain. We could have been at Brussels airport or on the metro.

The world is not as God originally intended it to be and needs to be made new and redeemed. Sin has the power to disrupt and destroy lives.

Our hearts go out to the bereaved families and those injured, with both the assurance of our love and prayers and the Good Friday and Easter assurance that God and good will win the day.

It looked on that first Good Friday as if evil had triumphed, as Jesus, the Son of God; God in human form on earth, was crucified as a condemned criminal. There is no clearer picture of defeat.

But in God's eternal purposes it was a glorious victory as, using the familiar words of the Prayer Book, ‘Jesus made there a full, perfect and sufficient sacrifice, oblation and satisfaction for the sins of the whole world’ and the effectiveness of that sacrifice was confirmed three days later when God raised Him from the dead on that first Easter morning.

His resurrection was God saying His death had achieved what had been intended.

I know that many struggle to believe in so extraordinary a claim, but it has been and is a mainstream Christian belief for 2000 years and I argue that by looking at the evidence it is more reasonable to believe than to not believe.

As Christians we are people of hope, even in the darkest of moments, and so whatever your circumstances this Easter time, I pray that you will be drawn to put your hope and trust in Jesus Christ and find Him to be the Saviour, the Friend, the Lord He longs to be to all humankind. And it is in that sense that I wish you all a very happy Easter.