An anarchic journey of family fun at Clitheroe's The Grand

Kid Carpet.
Kid Carpet.
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Ed Patrick visited his local car boot sale with a ten pound note and returned with a beaten up plastic guitar, a 1970’s children’s keyboard and a toy tape deck.

Then he threw his name into an online anagram-generating machine and Kid Carpet was born.

It promises to be a fun-packed show.

It promises to be a fun-packed show.

Ed, AKA Kid Carpet, describes himself as a maker of "nonsense rock and roll theatre".

And his latest show – Noisy Holiday – is an anarchic journey of fun and chaos featuring camper-van driving Ed and three friendly animals who are looking forward to their dream holiday and have their own ideas where they want to go.

There’s the grumpy gorilla who is keen to try his luck on the decks in Ibiza in a bid to become a superstar DJ, a food loving Badger, who adores the culture and cuisine of Italy, and Hedgehog, well, he just wants a quiet blackberry bush to snooze under.

“It isn’t just any holiday, it is a bonkers adventure,” said Ed, who brings Kid Carpet: Noisy Holiday to the Grand Theatre, Clitheroe, on Saturday.

“However, like many sensible, middle class dads I had to compromise – so I booked a pitch on a rain-soaked campsite in North Wales!

“However, on the way up the M6 from the West Country, where we all live, some magical things happen and we end up in a mystery place.

“I can’t give too much away, but there’s flying tents, diving bears, massive carrots, low tech pyrotechnics, a shoal of helium filled flying fish and a very important milkman.”

Ed kick-started his music career with second hand toys, computers that barely functioned and a broken electric guitar held together by sellotape.

And, amazingly, following two EPs, Kid Carpet landed warm-up slots for Electric 6 and Arcade Fire.

He began making family theatre five years ago, adding: “I’ve always had that punk DIY heart and I love to challenge.

“I did a show last week and it was just lovely. I saw a toddler dancing in the aisle with her hands in the air, a tiny baby on the front row feeding from a bottle, and a granny and grandad splitting their sides with laughter.

“Although the show is aimed at children, adults love it too.

“I’ve got two boys, aged six and nine, and I use them as my sounding board for ideas and if they tell me, ‘Oh Dad, that’s so, so, boring,’ then I move on.

“A child’s imagination is an amazing thing, though, and children interpret things in a different way don’t they?

“I don’t often come north with the Noisy Animals – but they’ve already had the map out and they can’t wait to meet everybody in Clitheroe.”

Kid Carpet: Noisy Holiday, Clitheroe Grand, Saturday. Call 01200 421599 or visit:

Doors 6pm and stage at 6-30pm.