A cool and wet end to a disappointing summer

'Feels like' temperature forecast for 1pm on Saturday, 5 September. Image: Met Office
'Feels like' temperature forecast for 1pm on Saturday, 5 September. Image: Met Office

Latest statistics from the Met Office confirm this summer has been cooler and wetter than average.

This weekend high pressure dominates, bringing cool and mainly dry weather for most areas, which was good news for those visiting Blackpool last night for the Illuminations Switch-On and those venturing to Morecambe for this weekend’s Vintage By The Sea Festival.

The Met Office blog looks back at our summer: ”No-one can deny that we have had a pretty disappointing summer with a lot of unsettled weather and only a few warm spells.

“Despite a dry and sunny June and a brief ‘heat-wave’ at the start of July, summer overall has been cooler than average and cooler than either summer 2013 or 2014. It has also been wetter than average, despite near average sunshine.

“Our weather has been dominated by low pressure over and to the west of the country that has brought us periods of heavy rain from the south – what we call the Spanish Plume.

“So what has been happening? If we look beyond our shores there have been some big changes in the global climate this year.

“El Niño is in full flight, disturbing weather patterns around the world.

“The low pressure that has dominated our weather is part of a pattern of waves in the jet stream around the world that has brought crippling heat waves to places like Poland and Japan.

“And, looking back over past El Niños, you could have expected that a more unsettled summer might be on the cards for the UK.

“Closer to home the North Atlantic is more than 2 degrees colder than normal.

“It seems quite likely that the unusually cold North Atlantic has strengthened and pushed our jet stream south, also contributing to the low pressure systems that have dominated our weather.”

Check the latest forecast at metoffice.gov.uk.