WINTER REVIEW: W’S Jordonelle boots

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WINTER is fast approaching and so now is the time to make sure you have the right gear to save cold and soggy feet!

Let me introduce you to Teva’s Lifty Collection and the W’S Jordanelle boots. You often find that snow boots equal big clumsy clodhoppers.

But not the Jordan boots, they are slick and good looking! There’s 250g of 3M Thinsulate™ LiteLoft™ insulation to keep the feet cozy and special waterproof materials to keep the socks dry.

And it that is not enough, the boots compress down to the size of normal shoes and weigh about the same. They have special mush infused soles, so you feel like you are walking on air and come in trendy colours.

They are perfect for playing with the children in the snow to the serious, ski-ing and snowboarding. And, like the weather, they are cool!

W’S Jordanelle boots from Teva’s Lifty Collection, RRP £110, logo onto

By Rebecca Hay