What sort of dad are you?

The days of dads lounging around reading the newspaper with their feet up and a cup of tea are officially over.

Sunday, 19th June 2016, 8:00 am

Fathers in the North West are now more likely to be found sporting marigolds, an apron and pushing a hoover, research has revealed.

Every single one of local dads asked said they regularly undertake chores around the house, with putting out the bins topping dads’ to-do lists (87%).

The traditional “dad pursuit” of DIY is the second most carried-out household task at 81%, ahead of third placed washing up (88%).

74% of local dads regularly get stuck into the hoovering and seven in ten (71%) are frequently in charge of cooking the family’s dinner.

The survey, carried out by Miller & Carter steakhouses, reveals a region of modern dads happy to pull their weight around the home and spending more quality time with their children than ever before.

In addition to regularly undertaking everything from bed-making (68%), to ironing (56%) and helping with homework (65%), modern dads are embracing a hands-on approach to parenting.

Three quarters (75%) of dads from the area feel that they spend more quality time with their children than their father did with them.

Watching TV or films together at home was voted the most popular family activity by those polled, with eating out in second place, ahead of trips to the local park. Although local dads may enjoy quality time with their children, some family activities are more popular than others – only 2% of those questioned rated arts and crafts as a favourite family pastime.

With dads’ roles now so diverse, the city is being warned that the traditional Father’s Day gifts of socks and a pint glass just won’t cut it with modern dads.

Psychologist Dr Christy Fergusson worked with Miller & Carter to identify the region’s core dad types, and ensure they can each enjoy a Father’s Day experience tailored to their personality.

Dr Christy said: “All dads are real individuals, with their own quirks and habits that make them unique, all of which makes Father’s Day present giving a bit of a nightmare.

“However, our research has found that dads tend to fall into one of four core “dad types” – Modern, Manly, Chilled and Traditional. We’ve assessed each personality’s key characteristics and created Father’s Day experiences to suit.

“For example, when polled about their appearance, 56% of local dads said they like to take care of themselves, and more than two thirds (68%) say that as long as their children try their best at sports day, they’re happy – traits most associated with a Modern Dad. He is stylish, smart and sporty, and your gift should reflect those characteristics.”

Mike Drane, manager of Miller & Carter in Parbold said: “The traditional view of dads is that they are on hand to put up shelves and lend worldly-wise advice – as well as some money – to their kids.

“However our research has revealed that dads are very much modern men and just how much dads’ roles have changed. It’s great to see modern fathers getting stuck into family life and spending more time with their children than previous generations were able to.

“In light of just how much dads are doing for their families day in, day out, it’s time to give hardworking dads a break from the housework this Father’s Day, and treat them to the indulgent experience they deserve.

“Our work with Dr Christy into the nation’s dad types is designed to help people identify the characteristics – and associated gift choices – which best apply to their own father. Our steak experts are on hand to ensure that, with the perfect dining experience designed for each dad, this Father’s Day is truly special for every single one.”