Travel Review: Animal Kingdom of Fife

Nellie the bear
Nellie the bear
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Small people always seem to love animals and the bigger the better! And there’s no better place than the aptly named Kingdom of Fife to see some of the best.

Deep Sea World in North Queensferry sits conveniently under the Forth Rail Bridge, a wonderful structure to sit and gaze at.

A stag

A stag

It was once famous for its year-long paint, but modern technology means you don’t see teams of decorators these days, hanging like flies from the bridge as they spruce it up.

Just off the main motorway network from England, Deep Sea World is a haven for underwater fiends. The star attraction is a moving conveyor belt which allows you to travel around and gaze upwards at a huge aquarium packed with sharks, stingray and tropical fish and if you are really brave, you can swim with the sharks too!

The aquarium has a whole host of interesting fish to see and our favourite was the tank full of seahorses, so elegant as they floated around.

There is an amazon rainforest exhibition too and a scene from Lake Malawi where the rare Chiclid fish live. And if the fish are not enough, there are frogs and other amphibians housed in this wonderful aquarium, which is also a fountain of knowledge for all those conservation questions.

Another hour or so up the road, takes you right into the heart of the Fife countryside, spectacular at this time of the year with the autumn tree colours.

In the small village of Cupar, you will find the Scottish Deer Centre, which has every species of deer known to man. The reindeers proved to be a big hit with Ruaridh (7) and Flora (5), although they are on a special diet at the moment, in readiness for all those carrots and mince pies at Christmas!

The centre’s name is deceptive, because there are not just deer there, Flora’s favourite were the otters, especially the baby one and the huge brown bears.

Ruaridh fell in love with the Scottish wildcat and the wolves, who looked adorable, until their food came out and they revealed their lack of table manners!

During the day, there were lots of opportunities to learn about the animals, with a bird of prey display and a chance to talk to the staff as they fed the animals.

Both Deep Sea World and The Scottish Deer Centre are running special events during the Christmas holidays and have lots to keep the family entertained!

Welcome to the animal Kingdom of Fife, where you can go underwater at Deep Sea World in North Queensferry ({http://|}) and outside for fun at the Scottish Deer Centre ({http://|})