Ribblesdale school reunion planned

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Tuesday, April 8th is a special date for former pupils of Ribblesdale “G” group (1959-64). They will gather at 7 pm at The Emporium, Clitheroe, for their annual school reunion.

One of the organisers, George Reynolds said: “During the last year, communication has been made with Hilary Davies (neé Dewhurst) and Dave Woods, who are both hopeful of attending for the first time. Plus, we are expecting Hillary Williams (neé Pate), who will be over with her daughter to make the date. And locals, Mick Johnson, Harry Kenyon, David Ross and Marion Worthington may be able to make it for the first.”

Anyone requiring further information is asked to contact Bill Briggs on 01200 426307 or 07753377261 email bill_briggs39@hotmail.com.

Alternatively, contact George on 07824644412 or via email to bonnygrass@yahoo.com