NOSTALGIA: Harrop Fold Methodist Sunday School trip

Old photo for CAT 15/11/12
Old photo for CAT 15/11/12

it’s a fine day in the mid-1950s and this group from Harrop Fold Methodist Sunday School are off on a day trip.

Mrs Zela Horsfield, who brought the picture in, was not on the trip that day as she was working, but says: “I remember everyone on the photograph.”

The trips were usually to the seaside, and coach may have been from Walker’s. Her own mother, Mrs Kathleen Dewhurst, is second from the right on the back row, sister-in-law Mrs Brenda Coats is third from the right, and her younger sister Ruth is the child on the right of the front row. In the middle, the young lad in the cap is Frank Robinson, who is a stalwart of the chapel to this day.

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