Metal detector unearths treasure in Waddington

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A history enthusiast has found real-life treasure while metal detecting in Waddington.

Kevin Anderson unearthed a pendant which he originally thought to be Victorian, but after further research, found it to be much older.

Crucifix found by metal detector in Waddington. (s)

Crucifix found by metal detector in Waddington. (s)

Kevin explained: “I was detecting on my favourite farm in Waddington, where I had previously found medieval coins dating back to the 1200s.

“I wasn’t having much luck that day, so decided to have a look in some of the adjoining fields. Within 10 minutes, I got a really good signal from the detector. I dug down about six inches and came across a silver gilt crucifix.

“After research at home, I realised it probably met the requirements of the Treasure Act, so I contacted the Lancashire Museum.”

After looking at photos of the pendant, Dot Boughton, Local Finds Liaison Officer at the museum confirmed Kevin’s find was indeed classed as treasure.

I dug down about six inches and came across a silver gilt crucifix

Kevin Anderson

Kevin continued: “Dot also said the person who had lost it all those years ago would’ve been distraught as religion was taken very seriously and it would have been very important to them.”

The pendant was officially declared treasure by the East Lancs Coroner Michael Singleton in Clitheroe at the end of May. It was also deemed to be the only one of its kind found in the North West to date.

Kevin concluded: “It is now with the treasure valuation committee and any reward will be split 50/50 with the farmer. It’s finds like this that make all the hours digging worthwhile.”