LETTER: Burnley should make the most of its heritage

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I AM writing about a recent visit to Towneley Hall with a lost relative recently found. He was born in Burnley but left when he was young.

On the visit to the hall he commented how nice the surrounding gardens were, so with that I wanted to show him the pride of Burnley, the hall steeped in Burnley history and traditions.

What a let down! We found little evidence of Burnley’s history, most things I remember were missing. The military exhibits were in one little corner. Being disabled I found I could not get to the long gallery.

But most of all how dirty the place was. The floors had not been swept, the exhibits were very dusty. I found there was none of the feeling of being proud to show someone our heritage. Shortly after this visit I went to Cliffe Castle, Keighley. What a difference, the place was very interesting, the staff very helpful and everything was spotless which made a really enjoyable day.

With the history that surrounds Burnley we should have areas within the town where we can look back on what made Burnley. I can’t say what it is because sadly the spark seems to have left the area both on a historical and business front. All we can show for over a thousand years are supermarkets and nightclubs.

To whom it may concern, take a look at towns that invest in their heritage and you will see towns that are prospering.

Maybe some of the really rundown areas could be made into social history areas and bring much-wanted money into the town. If you did not live in Burnley would you pay to go into Towneley Hall?