Lancashire nostalgia in 1993: Prison lifers shock, My Little Pony and Jurassic fake

Prison governor Alf Jennings has welcomed the proposals to house Category D prisoners at Kirkham Open Prison
Prison governor Alf Jennings has welcomed the proposals to house Category D prisoners at Kirkham Open Prison

Here's a look at some of the stories that were making the headlines back in 1993:

Prison lifers shock at Kirkham Open jail

Kirkham open prison could soon be taking life sentence prisoners amongst its inmates.

A report by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Prisons Judge Stephen Tumin recommends to the Secretary of State that category D offenders - which could include armed robbers and murderers - should be accommodated at the former First World War Royal Air Force station.

The prison governor Alf Jennings gave his approval to the proposal and said he could trust “lifers” more than some of those doing time for manslaughter or armed robbery.
Category D prisoners are those who can reasonably be trusted to serve their sentence in open conditions.

However, local villagers, who have fought previous campaigns to keep serious offenders away from Kirkham expressed their concerns at the report’s findings.

A consultation process would have to go ahead before recommendation is passed, but the potential changes would not include prisoners convicted of sexual offences.

It was also revealed that a raft of improvements would take place.

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She’s my little pony... Court to decide in tug of love battle

A judge will have to make a tug of love decision in a My Little Pony row between two riding mad youngsters.

What started off as a piece of daylight horse rustling, has two years later, ended up in an ownership battle in the county court in the first case of its kind in the country.

Stuart Kent, 12, of Marlborough Avenue, Stretford, Manchester, claimed that the 12.2 hands Welsh grey mare is called Moon Shadow, that she is HIS and he wants her back.

But, 13-year-old Lancashire schoolgirl Rachel Kerr said the animal is HERS and is called Lady Jane and she won’t give her up.

Yesterday the ownership action was adjourned so that the Kerrs can file evidence.

Both families are fighting ownership at Blackpool County Court.

Stuart’s parents had his pony freeze-branded OM 67 before she was allowed out into her summer paddock.

But horse thieves struck and both families agreed that the animal must then have passed into the hands of unscrupulous dealers.

Moon Shadow was sold to the unwitting Kerrs who live in Midgeland Road, Blackpool, and they gave it to their daughter for her 11th birthday.

It was when her parents took the pony which Rachel called Lady Grey to be branded that the old brand was discovered.

Watch out! It’s a Jurassic fake!

An epidemic of Jurassic Park video rip-offs is about to sweep Lancashire, according to the county’s trading standards department.

Fake videos of the hit film are already being hawked around pubs in Preston and phoney merchandise can be bought in bulk at car boot sales across the county.

The film, which is breaking box office records, only opened at cinemas two weeks ago but already counterfeit merchandise is flooding the market.

Trading standards officers believe many of the products are being produced in Lancashire and expect the illicit trade to develop into a multi-million pound enterprise nationwide.

The videos are being sold in town centre pubs for around £10.