Game review: PES 2015

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I don`t know what it is about Football games with me, no matter how long I play them for, I never seem to get any good at it.

It might be my lack of interest or my brain just gets bored when it isn`t racing, shooting or jumping around.

It`s a genre I try to stay clear of especially when I have friends round, I have played the FIFA games and fair play to EA it’s a well put together game, but boy is it complicated! Casual football gamers like me just want a simple game to play instead of staring at the screen and pushing all the buttons randomly to try and figure out what is going on.

This brings me to my subject in hand Pro Evolution Soccer 2015, Konami`s annual release of their own version but without any English clubs sanctioned, bit of an odd one this, as you probably know they haven`t the licenses to use the team names so we have names like Merseyside Red or North London FC.

For me personally I have always preferred PES it just feels more like a football game, I know FIFA has all the bells and whistles it just hasn`t got that gutsy real feel like PES has.

Controls and gameplay are excellent and once you get the hang of things this is a great game to play, my personal favourite is the become legend mode, where you can create your own player and forge a career in football, you really have to step up to the mark with this because any messing around and you don`t get picked. This is more like football to me, being just an anonymous player working his way up to become a legend really gets the player involved.

Of course there are numerous modes and competitions available as you would expect and enough to give FIFA 15 a run for its money.

The AI in PES 2015 is brilliant and so realistic with excellent renders of famous players, even though to an unbeliever like me I wouldn`t have a clue who most of them are anyway.

The on-line play works well with plenty of players out there willing to kick your backside (with my limited ability I wasn`t on line for long)there is next to no lag as well which makes for a more realistic playing experience.

PES 2015 is packed to the rafters with content especially tournaments, and the My club and manager features are worth checking out.


PES 2015 is still the best football game out there for me personally, it might not have all the pizazz of FIFA but what it does have is brilliant gameplay and ease of use, if like me you’re not a big fan of this genre yet you find yourself wondering what it’s all about, then I would recommend PES 2015 as your introduction into the world of digital Football.

PES 2015

Developer: PES Productions

Publisher: Konami


Playstation 3/4

Xbox 360/ONE

Genre: Sports Interactive

Release Date: 13th November 2014

Gameplay: 5/5

Graphics: 5/5

Overall: 5/5