REVIEW: Crunch your way to five-a-day with these delicious veg chips

If you're in the same school of philosophy as me - that a balanced lifestyle is a jog to the sweet shop - then Aunt Bessie's has the perfect solution for cramming in your five-a-day.

Friday, 14th July 2017, 3:18 pm
Updated Tuesday, 18th July 2017, 8:42 am
These delicious veg chips count towards the recommended five-a-day. (s)

Wipe your eyes and stop crying into your bowl of super green kale because the frozen food giant has added these delicious vegetable chips to its family.

Great for BBQs and quick teas with the family - as a veggie side or on their own with the heavenly nectar that is tomato ketchup - these bags of parsnips, carrot and sweet potato are a low-carb alternative to the traditional oven chip. And what's more, they're packed with all of the nutritional benefits of vegetables, with a portion counting towards one of your recommended five-a-day.

They're delicious cooked in the oven - no peeling and slicing necessary - but they're at their best tossed with a little oil in an air-fryer for a crunch of golden loveliness: a soft centre crowned in crispiness.

To try them out for yourself, grab a bag online or in-store at Asda for £2.50.