Clothing review: OCUN climbing shoes

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Having small children means you get the chance to try out things you never thought (or maybe never wanted) to do.

Ruaridh (8) is a mad keen climber, whether it be the sideboard in the lounge or scrambling up Pendle Hill, either way he is happy.

And mad fool that I must be, I agreed to join him on a spot of rock climbing in the Lake District. And as its all about using your feet, I thought I better make sure I had the right gear.

The OCUN range of climbing shoes are just the right ticket to allow your feet to the talking, while you concentrate on trying to get up that rock face without falling on your face!

The Ozone QC is the main shoe and its lady counterpart, the Ozone Lady enjoys all its benefits. Its an extremely asymmetric show with anatomically shaped shoes which are ideal for climbers because they are very precise on the tiniest footholds, edges and pockets, due to the patented 3-Force rand construction which literally wraps around and over the toe box, creating very high torsional stiffness to make sure the climber can balance properly.

The lady’s shoe is kinder on the heel and I kid you not, my feet were the last thing I was worry about while I tried to keep up with Ruaridh as he scampered up the rockface without a care in the world. We survived and now I and the shoes are hooked!

OCUN climbing shoes are created by climbers for climbers, which means you get a product which really does work. For a full look at all the shoes on offer, log onto