Clitheroe gets indoor skate park

Sam Pendlebury takes to the air during at competition at Clitheroe Skate Park. A040611/7c
Sam Pendlebury takes to the air during at competition at Clitheroe Skate Park. A040611/7c
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Part of Clitheroe’s St Mary’s Centre is set to become an indoor skate park as winter draws in.

Led by international professional skater Jud Heald, indoor skate practice sessions will initially be staged, on Friday night plus Saturday morning and night in the lower hall of the centre. Specially designed and built ramps will be set up.

The Rev. Andy Froud.

The Rev. Andy Froud.

Jud became a devout Christian following a serious and potentially fatal accident. He decided to combine his passions for teaching young people to skateboard safely and responsibly and sharing his faith.

Forming his own company, Untitled Skateboards back in 2001, Jud sold skateboards and spread the Gospel through skateboarding, but moved to this country to base his work at Clitheroe Skate Park.

Unfortunately, many evenings are lost to Jud because of bad weather so the large, uncluttered space provided by the St Mary’s Centre is ideal.

The Grand, Clitheroe, currently owns and manages the town’s renowned and very popular skate park.

Chris Richardson, a trustee of The Grand, said: “The space and equipment is limited compared to the outdoor park and practice sessions will be limited in numbers, but we are really pleased that Jud will now be able to spend more of his valuable time encouraging and developing these young people’s skills.”

Jud, who has moved permanently from the US, is already a familiar face at the skate park and around Clitheroe. He is married to Tyann and they have four young children.

Training sessions at the St Mary’s Centre will be starting in the near future.

Claims published recently that some of the hall’s other users could lose out because of the space taken up to store the indoor skate practice equipment have been quashed by supporters of the initiative.

Priest-in-charge the Rev. Andy Froud said: “A lot of work has gone into making sure that this can happen in a safe, controlled environment with minimal impact on the many other users of the centre. I think Jud is a fantastic example to young people, as someone known as ‘the hardest working Christian skater in the business’.

“I would also like to reiterate our gratitude for the generous offer of the purchase of the building by the Lancaster Foundation and it’s lease back to the church.”

Skate practice is just one of many activities on offer at St Mary’s Centre, now being run by a transition management team. To book the centre should ring 01200 425522.