Here's how to get rid of dark, puffy eyes

Use natural remedies like cucumber
Use natural remedies like cucumber

Feeling tired? Here’s how to deal with the telltale signs of dark circles and puffy eyes.

Feeling tired?

Here’s how to deal with the telltale signs of dark circles and puffy eyes.

“The skin of the eye area is one-third the thickness of the skin on the cheek, making it much more vulnerable to damage and more visually affected by lifestyle, illness or stress. This results in us seeing dark circles, puffiness and eye bags,” explains Julia Stewart, head of training for Shiseido.

“Dark circles and eye bags are notoriously difficult to eliminate,” says Dr Alex Granite, consultant dermatologist at Mallucci London.

But there are steps you can take to prevent, treat and - if need be - hide your eye issues:

1. Protect your eyes from the sun

Sun exposure can often make dark circles worse as it increases the melanin content. So wearing sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses is important.

2. Stay hydrated

One simple tip is to stay hydrated, as dehydration, especially after overindulging in salty foods and alcohol, can definitely exacerbate the appearance of eye bags.

3. Get a good eye cream

Lighter is better when it comes to eye products. Creams applied to the area can be heavy and gels may contribute to puffiness, so lighter serums tend to be a better vehicle for topical potions.

Try Shiseido’s Ultimune Eye Power Infusing Concentrate, a lightweight serum, which decreases friction damage by 30%, protecting skin from damage and making sure dark circles and eye bags are minimised when rubbing eyes, applying and removing make-up and even sleeping.

4. Try natural remedies

Puffy eyes can be a concern when you wake up but they usually settle quickly with eyelid movement which helps to reabsorb any residual fluid. Some of the more ‘natural’ techniques include the use of cucumber or potato slices, cotton pads soaked in milk, caffeinated or chamomile teabags or the application of cold spoons. They help constrict the blood vessels, which reduces puffiness and gives a lighter appearance around the eye.

5. Conceal and cover

Make-up is an instant fix for dark circles. Peach or orange tones can reduce the blue hue caused by superficial blood vessels. A good concealer, a shade lighter than the skin, can also cover dark circles and areas of hyperpigmentation.

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