Fertility Week: Fertility Network UK launches week of support to show #Youarenotalone

Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay

As one in six couples have trouble conceiving a baby, Fertility Week aims to spread awareness, with each day focusing on a different #subtopic. Over this week, Fertility Network UK will be sharing a wide range of helpful information, advice and resources to show people they are not alone.

Today - Monday October 28 is about highlighting #MentalMatters, as infertility is a condition that is not only about your physical health, but one that can affect your mental health too. It is so important to look after and be kind to yourself.

Tuesday October 29 - #FertilityInTheWorkplace. Most people going through fertility treatment are of working age. It’s important to both know your rights as an employee, and how to provide a supportive work environment as an employer. The key to #FertilityInTheWorkplace really is flexibility and understanding.

Wednesday October 30 - #MenMatter/Men are half of the fertility equation but may find it harder to express their feelings.

Unfortunately, there is a severe lack of promotion of male voices in this community. To raise awareness of this, Fertility Network UK will spotlight the male voice and share testimonials from men facing infertility.

Thursday, October 31 - #FertilityEducation - 71 per cent of people are not aware of lifestyle choices that could affect their fertility. Keeping a healthy lifestyle; maintaining a bodyweight within BMI standards; reducing stress and avoiding certain medications are just one of a few factors being discussed this week.

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The Fertility Show, which lets people meet with top fertility experts, clinics and doctors, takes place in Olympia, London, from Friday November 1 to Sunday November 3.

To follow the conversation, visit www.fertilitynetworkuk.org/ and follow @FertilityNUK on Twitter.