Councillor's praise for "wonderful and kind" hospital staff after fall drama

A councillor has praised staff at Burnley General Hospital who came to her aid she fell while taking photographs of neglected back streets on her patch.

Friday, 23rd March 2018, 10:38 am
Updated Friday, 23rd March 2018, 10:40 am
Coun. Christine White has praised staff at Burnley General Hospital for their care after she was injured during a fall.

Coun. Christine White suffered head, leg and hand injuries when she tripped on chicken wire that had been left in Reed Street in Burnley Wood where she has been a councillor for two years.

Christine, who is 72, was treated in the A and E department at Burnley General where she received X rays and a scan on her injuries.

Christine said: "All the staff there were wonderful, so kind and caring and I was seen very quickly also.

The discarded chicken wire that Christine fell over while taking pictures of rubbish in Burnley Wood.

"They do a fantastic job and I think they deserve recognition for this."

Christine was in the process of taking photographs of fly tipping on the back streets of Burnley Wood when the accident happened.

She had driven to the area and was taking pictures on her ipad when she fell on the jagged wire.

She said: "I felt my head bang against the road and I lay there for a couple of minutes thinking I had suffered a bad injury.

The discarded chicken wire that Christine fell over while taking pictures of rubbish in Burnley Wood.

"My glasses and ipad went flying and as I pulled myself together I could see there was blood."

A dazed Christine managed to get to the front of Reed Street and after a passerby refused to help her she drove to the nearby Burnley Wood Medical Centre where two nurses cleaned and dressed the wounds she had suffered to her hands and head.

Christine said:"They were also very kind and so helpful."

They sent Christine to hospital as she had suffered a head injury where doctors confirmed that although she had not broken anything she was badly bruised and needed to rest up

And although Christine is putting her feet up as she recovers at her home in Burnley she is determined she will be back out in the field once her wounds are healed.

But next time she will take a friend to make sure she stays safe.

She said: "All I want to do is keep the streets of Burnley Wood clean, tidy and litter free for the residents to live in a nice area.

"I have been doing this since I started and so far I have reported around 300 incidents.

"I have a good relationship with the staff at StreetScene at Burnley Council who always come out to deal with the fly tipping."