Caring Beth set to tackle 100 mile run challenge to help young stroke victim

A chance meeting, with the husband of a young woman who had suffered a devastating stroke, touched a Burnley mum so much she set out to do something to help.

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 10:56 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:00 pm
Beth Schinkel who is completing a 100 mile run in four days to raise money to help a stroke victim.

Beth Schinkel plans to run 100 miles in just four days to help raise money for stroke victim Heather Kent, whose tragic story has touched many hearts across Lancashire.

Mum-of-five Beth said: “Heather is only two years younger than me and to hear of someone having a stroke at such a young age is absolutely devastating.

“When I heard what happened to her I was determined to do anything I could to help.”

Beth Schinkel in training for her 100 miles in four days run for a Clitheroe stroke victim.

Beth and her husband, Getty, got chatting with Heather’s husband, Gary, at Clitheroe Rugby Club where Getty, who hails from South Africa, is a coach.

Beth of Ightenhill, said: “We were talking to Gary and he told us that Heather was also from South Africa.

“As we talked more he told us about how she had suffered the stroke while they were living there and their wonderful life, where they had everything, was turned upside down in an instant.

“I just couldn’t stop thinking about them and I wanted to do something to help.”

Beth Schinkel in training for her 100 miles in four days run for a Clitheroe stroke victim.

Beth, whose children are Megan (17), William (14), Annie and Hayden, both seven and 18-month-old Maggie, has been training for weeks for her challenge, clocking up two 10k laps a day around Ightenhill.

The real challenge begins on Friday, September 1st, when she will run along the path of the Leeds Liverpool Canal in Ightenhill to the Queen Victoria pub and back, four times a day ad by the Monday she hopes to have run the 100 miles.

Beth, a complex needs worker for Safenext domestic abuse service, would not consider herself a seasoned runner.

She said: “I am more of a plodder and the furthest I have run is a marathon in May this year and that was hard enough.

“I will be running during the day when there may be a lot of people on the path and I will also be wearing something to let people know what I am fundraising for.”

The money Beth raises will go towards paying for a motorised wheelchair for Heather and adaptations to her home in Clitheroe.

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