Brave diabetic boy's lifesaving kit gift

The grateful parents of a diabetic schoolboy are thanking the organisation that funded a pricey gadget which has made a huge difference to his life.

Wednesday, 8th March 2017, 4:07 pm
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 11:05 am
Sawyer Hirst. (s)

Eight-year-old Sawyer Hirst, who attends Whalley Primary School, was just six when he was diagnosed with type one diabetes. His parents, Chris and Sara, who live in Clitheroe with their five children, have explained the day-to-day struggles Sawyer has faced since his diagnosis.

Sara explained: “Sawyer was started on insulin injections of which we had to inject so many times a day. After a year he commenced on pump therapy whereby he wears a device that trickles continuous small amounts into the blood stream. Without insulin he would die.

“It is a lifelong chronic condition that currently has no cure. Due to being on a pump he needs to have his blood sugars tested every two to three hours day and night. As a paediatric student nurse and my husband working as a courier with four other children, we are rather exhausted.

“We wanted to self fund a continuous glucose monitoring system which costs £500, plus running costs of £52 a week and an additional cost of a new transmitter every three months, which is around £209 pounds.

“The benefit of this system means we can check how he is from work to see how his blood sugars are doing, and also if he experiences hypoglycaemia during the night, of which Sawyer wouldn’t usually be aware of, left untreated can be serious. Despite frequent checks during the night we regularly have to treat high or low results.

“The system would alarm to alert us that he needed assistance, thus reducing parental anxiety and giving him the rapid response he needs.”

She added: “I was approached by two members of the Whalley Lions Committee, who wanted to take Sawyer’s story to the next meeting. They very kindly donated £500 so we could purchase the initial start up kit. Sawyer and all his family are very touched that a community organisation have helped us.”

Neil Martin, chairman of Whalley Lions, said: “The Lion’s Club has considered how as a humanitarian group set up to support the local community and beyond, how we can support the family with their fundraising activities.

“The club will continue to support the family by promoting planned future fundraising events.”

Anyone wishing to donate towards the running costs of Sawyer’s equipment is asked to log onto