Stonyhurst pupils are planting seeds of success

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A newly planted garden at Stonyhurst’s prep school St Mary’s Hall is looking wonderful in the autumn sunshine thanks to the efforts of more than 50 pupils of all ages at Stonyhurst.

The garden has been developed over the past year by Mrs Danielle Strain, a parent at the school, who is coordinating the project. She has a large and enthusiastic group of green-fingered volunteers, eager to learn more about growing flowers, vegetables and fruit.

There are two gardening clubs at the prep school, and the youngest gardeners are just three years old! Older pupils from the college help out each week and sixth form students are gardening as part of their International Baccalaureate course. The garden is also an essential resource for members of the Stonyhurst College Environmental Club, who are interested in the garden’s eco-system, in which everything has a purpose; all the flowers are bee-friendly, for example, and the pond attracts a wide range of wildlife.

Flowers include lavender, cosmos and buddleia, and the veg patch contains carrots, broad beans, potatoes, pumpkins, onions and 15 different herbs.

It is an organic garden, with three compost heaps and three free range chickens. A cockerel will be arriving soon!