Pupils from Clitheroe school showcase their artistic talents

Youngsters from St James' CE Primary School, Clitheroe, enjoyed a fantastic "Art Week" exploring a range of art media, learning about what inspires different artists and trying out these techniques for themselves.

Tuesday, 22nd June 2021, 12:30 pm
youngsters swap the classroom for outdoors for exciting artistic activities

Throughout the week, which was themed around the natural world, the school wanted to raise the profile of art and give all pupils an opportunity to showcase their talents in a number of ways. The children explored how to use a variety of techniques including sketching, collage, photography, watercolour and oil pastels.

Mrs Lucas, Art Subject Leader, said, “After the difficulties of the past year, we wanted the children to immerse themselves in art and to understand that this is a subject where everyone can shine. We wanted to design a week that was fun and interactive, where pupils and staff could learn new skills”.

The Art Week was designed in different ways depending upon the age of the pupils. In Key Stage One, all the art was based upon and linked to a story, whereas older pupils looked at the work of a number of modern artists including: Maria Rivans, Ester Curini, Sue Dunne and Arinze Stanley Egbengwu. The children then produced their own work inspired by the artists.

Pupils try their hands at oil pastels

Mrs Lucas added: "Pupil wellbeing was also at the heart of the project and many activities took advantage of the school's extensive outdoor area and Eco-Zone. In addition, all pupils have designed and painted a unique pebble, which will be built into a permanent structure within the school grounds. The children and staff all had a wonderful week, with a typical comment from a pupil being: 'I really enjoyed Art Week and loved learning the sketching skills and using different media'.

"The school would like to thank Friends of St James’ School for buying the extra materials needed and also to Northwest Reclamation for supplying the pebbles to paint."

The creative outcome of art week
Pebbles decorated
Pupils enjoy Art Week
Watercolour painting at its best