75,000 steps: Clitheroe farmer covers equivalent of Three Peaks Challenge every seven days

A Bashall Eaves dairy farmer has revealed that as he goes about his work, he takes on average more than 75,000 steps every week, which equates to 37 miles - the equivalent of completing the Three Peaks Challenge one and a half times every seven days.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 3:22 pm
Updated Tuesday, 2nd October 2018, 3:28 pm

Ben Hartley, a third-generation farmer who works on Mason House Farm, is one of 2,400 Arla dairy farmers in the UK, and his work on the 323-acre farm - home to 210 cows and 140 calves - sees him cover some serious ground and collectively lift over a ton in weight in the form of milk powder, hay bales, and concrete blocks.

“The day-to-day running of a farm and the upkeep of healthy and happy cows is a seven day-a-week job, with regular 10- to 12-hour days," said Ben. "My daily tasks include feeding the calves, cleaning the barn, feeding the cows, as well as washing the dairy equipment.

"I really need to look after my body to keep my strength up throughout the day," he added, before revealing that - true to his profession - he always has his cereal with plenty of milk to start the day right. "We love to utilise the core products from our farm, dairy, as part of a healthy diet," he said.

Lise Larson, Senior Nutrition Specialist at Arla Foods, added: “Milk is one of nature’s original superfoods. Healthy eating is essential for hard working farmers, as the dairy industry relies on their power, strength, commitment, and stamina each and every day."

High in protein and calcium, milk is also naturally high in iodine, which helps maintain cognitive function; vitamin B2, which reduces tiredness; and potassium, which aids maintenance of normal blood pressure and muscle function, according to Lise, with the milk produced by Ben's cows sold across the UK, with all profits re-invested into the business or returned to farmers.