Toy Review: Candy Floss Maker

WE all love candy floss. Its got something about it that makes you just want to eat more and more – sugar!

Thursday, 22nd November 2012, 8:00 am

So what better than your own portable JM Posner Candy Floss maker, so you can make it whenever you want! Ruaridh (5) and Flora (3) squealed with delight when the space ship shaped maker was unwrapped, especially since it was pink!.

It’s a neat little machine and thankfully, with small fingers around, its easy to use to. It comes with some tasty candy floss flavoured sugar, so you can get cracking straight away.

We soon got the hang of it and within minutes the machine was churning out big wisps of candy floss. And by the time we had enjoyed two or three gos, the floss was getting bigger and big, so big infact that we lost Flora in a cloud of candy floss!

The machine also allows you to make your own unique flavours using crushed boiled sweets and when Ruaridh and Flora invited a few pals round to have a go, there were some strange concotions on offer! Its easy to use and clean and best of all, it keeps the children quiet, until the sugar kicks in!

Candy Floss maker, £34.99, log onto for a taster of what’s on offer.