East Lancashire aerospace companies can help shape future design and strategy

Andrew Stephenson MP visiting Safran Nacelles in Burnley in May
Andrew Stephenson MP visiting Safran Nacelles in Burnley in May

East Lancashire aerospace companies have been invited to express an interest in a competition with their ideas for future aerospace design and manufacture.

The investment is part of the £3.9 billion UK Aerospace Technology Institute programme, a partnership between government and industry, managed by Innovate UK, the ATI and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy.

The best projects will then be invited to apply for grant funding worth £150m. a year.

Pendle MP Andrew Stephenson, who until recently served as the Aerospace Minister, said: “East Lancashire has many outstanding engineering companies working within the aviation sector. This competition seeks to ensure the next generation aircraft are designed, tested and built right here in the UK and I want Pendle to have a role in the exciting opportunities that challenge presents.”

The competition provides funding for industrial research or capital investment projects that align with the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy. Priority areas include whole aircraft design and integration, aerostructures, advanced systems and propulsion technologies. Project themes are detailed in the UK Aerospace Technology Strategy, and include:

• Improving UK whole-aircraft design and system integration;

• future-proofing advanced systems technologies in the UK – specifically, smart, connected and more electric aircrafts;

• securing the UK’s world-leading position in large, complex aviation structures, particularly wings;

• developing more efficient propulsion technologies, including large turbofans.