Burnley's new Crow Wood Hotel boosting local economy already

Andrew and Penny inside one of the new Crow Wood Hotel suites
Andrew and Penny inside one of the new Crow Wood Hotel suites

Burnley entrepreneur Andrew Brown has committed to using local contractors whenever he can in the building of his new £13m. luxury hotel at Crow Wood.

The Crow Wood Hotel and Spa Resort, which is set to open on October 23rd, will not only create jobs and boost Burnley's tourism economy, it has also brought in much-needed work for local manufacturers and suppliers.

Mr Brown revealed that £5m. has been spent in Lancashire on fixtures and fittings alone for the new hotel.

Most recently, Andrew has commissioned local picture framer, Penny Howarth Framers, of the Country House Gallery on Lower St James's Street to frame all the pictures, prints and photographs for the new hotel.

He said: "We have tried wherever possible to use local companies for the Hotel project. We recognise the importance of keeping this investment in the local community and of course many of these suppliers are ultimately our future customers.

“The fixtures and fittings are approximately £5m. out of the total £13m. spend. Of this £5m. the majority has been spent in Lancashire with some great partners, many of which have been suppliers for years.”

Penny Howarth has framed 415 prints and photographs for the bedrooms, reception areas and meeting rooms.

Penny said: "I really can't thank Andrew enough for giving me the opportunity of working on such an exciting project, it's been fabulous watching it all come together to create this amazing hotel here in our town. I am very proud to have been involved in it all."