Comic Binns will leave you rolling in the aisles

Comic Tom Binns brings hospital radio DJ Ivan Brackenbury to the Grand in Clitheroe tonight.

Friday, 27th April 2018, 8:30 am
Comic Tom Binns.

Binns’ monstrous character invention whose hilarious catchline "got me jingles – and I’m bonkers" has proved a massive hit on the comedy circuit since he wowed the Edinburgh Festival crowds with his side-splitting act and mad-cap tunes.

“I’ve never had a bad gig with Ivan, people love him,” said Tom.

“I got the idea working on local radio, drawing from my experiences, some with guys like Ivan who were schooled on hospital radio.”

You may not believe in psychics but Binns will have you rolling in the aisles

Ian D. Montfort, a spirit medium from Sunderland, will give the Clitheroe Comedy Club audience an up close insight into the spiritual world.

Jeff, a spot welder from Rotherham, is D. Montfort’s connection to the realm of energetic beings who have passed over, and is able to help this mysterious medium to channel his particular speciality, the spirits of dead celebrities.

Personal messages are passed on to the audience from such historical luminaries as Charles Darwin, William Shakespeare, Adolf Hitler and Ernie Wise.

It is a show you dare not miss.

Clitheroe Comedy Club, April 27th, Tom Binns, Scots funny man Paul Pirie and MC Tony Vino complete the all star bill (7-30pm).

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