Snow go for cinema manager stranded thousands of miles from home

A cinema manager has taken getting "snowed in" to a whole new level!

Thursday, 8th March 2018, 3:41 pm
Updated Friday, 9th March 2018, 3:40 pm
Reel Cinema manager Andy White with his hire car in Connecticut, America, where he is stuck after heavy snow fell.

For while many of us have struggled to get to work and school after a week of heavy snow, Andy White, who is manager at Burnley's Reel Cinema, is stuck 3,253 miles away in the United States with no chance of coming home for at least another week.

Andy, who had flown to Connecticut last week to visit his friend Raquel Cruz and her sister Amy, was preparing to catch his flight home when around 12 inches of snow fell in a few hours.

He said: "There was literally nothing then within the space of a few hours around eight to 12 inches of snow had fallen.

"My flight has been cancelled until next Wednesday so I have had to re-check into a hotel.

"The weather has caused a power cut around parts of the town so traffic lights are out and this has caused quite a few accidents."

Andy flew out to the States in a last minute decision to surprise a friend he has known on facebook for eight years.

He added: "I always said I would go one day and my friend was pleased to see me and has been helping me this week."

Andy said work had been very understanding about his predicament and other staff were covering for him as he was due back at his post this weekend.

He added: "I am so lucky that work have been very understanding about this."