Ruby Tuesdays turning up the heat at Clitheroe homecoming show

Clitheroe rockers Ruby Tuesdays are turning up the heat for a special homecoming show to celebrate the launch of their new EP '“ What's the Point? '“ tomorrow.

Friday, 4th May 2018, 3:43 pm
Updated Friday, 4th May 2018, 4:06 pm
Clitheroe band Ruby Tuesdays are launching their new EP with a concert at Clitheroe next Friday. Photo by Harry Martin. (s)

The Ruby’s will showcase a clutch of new songs at the Old School Rooms, Lowergate, with support from Ribble Valley outfit Northern Sports Club.

Heavily influenced by The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, The Jam and the Rolling Stones, they culled their name from the Stones track of the same name.

Since last summer’s rip-roaring set at Foxy Fest and their first Manchester headliner, bassist Matty Hall has joined the ranks in a new look line-up.

“The music market is being drowned with the same old rubbish, and it’s harder for bands with real passion – like Ruby Tuesdays – to reach a wider audience,” said singer Tucker.

“There are too many posers in music, people who are just in a band to be seen, and we wanted to create something with brute power through this EP and I think we’ve achieved that.

“Music has got to inspire and be uplifting, like when the first time I heard The Rolling Stones’ Satisfaction.

“It blew me away, because the sound was so awesome.

“I’d never heard anything so captivating and thrilling, and that’s why I formed the Ruby Tuesdays.”

What’s The Point? was recorded at the Grand Theatre and new tracks include Militant Pop, It’s Alright Man, Second Comin,’ Other Side of the Fence and Everything’s Lost.

“I want this band to change our lives and there’s no room for sentiment,” he said.

“I’m 19 and I don’t want to be sat in an office all my life.

“This is not a hobby – we play music because we love it and we just hope our hard work can get us somewhere.

“We are so hungry it hurts.”

He added: “We will be celebrating the new EP tomorrow with a night to remember and for the cost of a small bag of shopping you can join the party too.”

Tickets are avilable from priced at £4