Portrait of a Pendle artist in his many different styles

A Pendle artist, whose painting is among the the 250th exhibition at London's Royal Academy of Arts, has unveiled some of his other work.

Thursday, 28th June 2018, 12:53 pm
Updated Saturday, 30th June 2018, 1:23 am
This painting is copied for a work by artist Tamara Di Lempicka but Michael created it with his daughter Abigail's face

This varied collection of paintings illustrates the many styles and approaches that Michael adopts to his art.

A father of five with two step children, Michael works in many mediums including acrylic, oil, pen and ink, pencil, pastel, watercolour and gouache. He also works in many genres, from copying old masters to landscape and abstract pieces.

Michael, who works from a studio at his Earby home, said: "My paintings are not all the same, I don't like to stay in a comfort zone.

Here is Michael's version of The Grande Odalisque by Jean Dominique Ingres.

"There is no progress or learning without pushing the boundaries of one's abilities so I change what I do maybe three or four times a year."

A poet and author too, much of Michael's work is driven by the issues of poverty in the world, trafficking, exploitation, abuse, oppression and how many people living in uncaring comfort occasionally giving to charity to ease their conscience.

But the theme of Michael's work is also the beauty in the world and the contrast between all that is wrong with it.

A painting which he started working on in 2001 was among 1,200 chosen from 24,000 entered for the prestigious exhibition which runs until Sunday, August 19th.

This is Michael's painting of Wycoller in the style of Pontillism

And the painting, known simply as Love, was snapped up by a buyer for £2,000.

The image of a teddy bear lying in a pool of blood was inspired by tragedy in his own family.

It was Dawn, Michael's wife of 27 years, who entered the painting into the exhibition.

Love, the painting by Michael which was chosen for the summer exhibition at the Royal Academy.