One in nine British couples love to prank each other on social media, new survey reveals

A new study in the UK has revealed that as many as one in nine British couples choose to prank each other, documenting the prank in order to share the reaction on social media

Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 12:04 pm
Updated Wednesday, 2nd May 2018, 12:11 pm
A new survey has revealed that one in nine British  couples love to prank each other on social media
A new survey has revealed that one in nine British couples love to prank each other on social media

And the reason they do it? Because they want to make others laugh and they hope to go viral.

But be warned if you are thinking of trying this as it has resulted in some couples breaking up!

Top pranks involve scaring their partner, making them look silly or trying to convince them of something that’s not real.

Whether out of boredom or because they’ve been inspired by other couples who prank each other and share their mischief on social media, choosing to prank each other, documenting the reactions with videos, statuses and images.

The team at conducted the research as part of an ongoing study into Britons’ relationships and how technology plays a role.

Around 2,476 Britons aged 18 and over, all of whom stated that they were in a long-term relationship (one year or more), were quizzed about their relationship dynamic and if they documented any of it on social media.

Initially, all respondents were asked “What is your instant reaction when you see couples posting positively about each other on social media for everyone to see?”

Around 39% said it was nice to see this but 35% reckoned these couples were probably not that happy behind closed doors.

Continuing with this, when asked in what ways they most interacted with their loved one online, provided with a list of possible responses and told to select all that applied, the following five were revealed to be the favourites:

Posting images of the two of us ( 56%) check us into places together (47%) tagging them in funny posts/memes (41%) sharing heart-felt posts about them (23%) the pranks we play on each other (11%).

Those who stated that they choose to prank each other were asked what joked they tended to play on their partner. The majority, it was revealed, like to ‘scare’ their partner (48%), while others prefer to ‘make them look silly’ (23%) and ‘try to convince them of something that isn’t true/real’ (15%).

When asked how they documented these pranks, the top forms of sharing their partner’s reactions were revealed as ‘videos’ (34%), ‘statuses/updates’ (32%) and ‘images’ (26%).

Furthermore, when asked why they shared these pranks with their friends and followers on social media, the top responses given by relevant respondents were revealed to be ‘to make others laugh’ (36%) and ‘to attempt to go viral’ (30%). When asked why they documented the pranks in the first place, respondents admitted they did it because they were ‘bored’ (27%) or because they were ‘influenced by other couples’ pranks online’ (25%).

Finally, when asked if their pranks had ever led to an argument with their partner, 68% said ‘yes’.

A further 4% confessed that a prior prank had led to the breakdown of their relationship.

George Charles, spokesman for commented: “There’s nothing wrong with a simple prank - as long as it’s safe. If you have the sort of dynamic where it’s deemed OK to prank each other and share the reactions on social media, that’s great, but it’s not for everyone and can lead to friction or even arguments within the relationship.

"Remember, be safe, don’t take it too far and try to avoid any injuries. It’s not worth risking your relationship simply for a laugh and to impress others online.”