Indie-folk band promises intimate gig with a dash of Canadian charm

An indie-folk group named West My Friend are heading to East Lancashire, bringing with them a dash of Canadian charm as they embark on their Quiet Hum Tour tour.

Sunday, 29th April 2018, 5:00 pm
West My Friend
West My Friend

Quiet Hum by name, the band's album is anything but by nature, with West My Friend travelling the length and breadth of the county, delighting audiences with their unique blend of whisky-soaked, bluegrass sounds and their more dirt-stamping melodies.

Drawing musical inspiration from jazz, classical, folk, and pop influences, West My Friend have been described as everything from indie-roots to chamber-folk, as their eclectic combination of bass, guitar, mandolin, and accordion with three-part harmonies and elastic vocals promises a thrilling and pure audio experience.

“It was recorded on a small gulf island off the coast of Vancouver, and the album contemplates the role of music and musicians in our present day,” said accordian player, Jeff Poynter. “It’s more intimate and stripped down than our previous albums, focusing more on the three of us and less on adding extra instrumentation.”

Having recently played their 500th live show, the band was formed when Poynter and his friends met at the University of Victoria where they all studied music, and will be at the Tosside Community Centre on Friday May 4th at 7.30pm.

Channelling an adventurous acoustic music scene on Canada’s west coast, West My Friend is proving to be a key part of a new generation of grassroots folk music, with Poynter adding: “Together for almost nine years, we’ve spent the last six years touring the world. The audience can expect silly banter but also serious music and well thought out arrangements - along with a dose of polite Canadian charm.”

Tickets for the show - suitable for ages eight and over - cost £8 for adults and £6 for children and are can be bought by calling 01729 840 272 or booking online at