Enjoy a fun, interactive and family-friendly day at Eureka!

Having lived in Halifax when I was younger, I always wanted to go back and take my children to Eureka! - the children's museum - for a fun-filled day of learning of discovery.

Tuesday, 9th October 2018, 5:14 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th October 2018, 5:54 pm
It's all fun and games at Eureka! children's museum

Recently, I had the chance to visit the award-winning facility and I can now understand why it has won so much praise and accolades!

Housed over two floors, as soon as you walk indoors, you are immediately amazed by the exhibits on show.

On arrival we were welcomed by efficient staff who were polite, helpful and friendly.

Lots of hands-on and interesting exhibits are on show

Our first port of call was to the sound exhibits. My two children - aged six and three - were off and in awe of everything around them with endless interactive displays covering all of their senses. They especially liked the explore the ‘garden’ from an insect’s eye view and develop a knowledge and understanding of the world. The area is bursting with opportunities for play and discovery.

However, it was the "all about me" gallery on the second floor, which totally amazed them, especially as almost all the activities are hands-on. Multi-sensory exhibits encourage children to explore how their body works and imaginative spaces and activities invite them to enjoy and understand how unique they are.

The area enables youngsters to stretch out, find out how tall they are, how they will look when older and discover how to work a body scanner! My children were intrigued by the large teeth exhibits and found it fun stepping inside large body parts! There are also microscopes for zooming in on the skin as well as a skeleton that shows how bones move when you dance. There was so much to see and do and every time we thought we had done everything, we found something else to do! For instance, there was an area where youngsters could become budding doctors and nurses and enjoy a role play in the health centre where there is a reception area, doctor’s surgery and even a dentist’s chair!

Officially opened in 1992, the attention to detail in every department of the museum - both inside and outside - stands out. Eureka's cafe overlooks the sensory garden serving hot and cold food. And if you fancied bringing a packed lunch, then you can head towards the outdoor picnic area and enjoy a bite to eat in tranquil surroundings. The picnic area is great and the outdoor sandpit was a huge hit with my three-year-old daughter who didn't want to leave!

With so much to see and do, I would recommend this place for a family day out.

Ticket prices are: 1-2 years £5.25, children over 3 years and adults £12.95, under-1 go free. However, once you've paid the admission fee, it allows unlimited entry for 12 months, so it really is excellent value for money.

Opening times are Tuesday to Friday - 10am to 4pm, Saturday/Sunday - 10am to 4pm and closed on Monday.

For more information, visit https://www.eureka.org.uk/