Book review: Savannah Diaries, by Brian Jackman

Africa always conjures up visions of large animals roaming around dusty ground. Savannah Diaries offers a window into the most spectacular national parks and game reserves.

Friday, 7th March 2014, 2:00 pm
Savannah Diaries, by Brian Jackman
Savannah Diaries, by Brian Jackman

It has national parks the size of small countries, trees as old as London and you could drop the whole of Yorkshire into Kilimanjaro’s outer contour.

The guide is written for a popular audience, with minimal scientific jargon and is perfect for both armchair travelers and those planning to go on safari.

Personal stories are mixed with guide experiences and this guide will have you booking a trip to Africa.

Savannah Diaries, by Brian Jackman, £9.99, published by