Art gadgets: 3,2,1 Draw, Scribble Scramble and Doodle Delirium

Games are an essential part of Christmas and what better way to avoid Grandad's plea for charades than to try out Crayola's latest inventions.

Friday, 18th November 2016, 2:00 pm

3,2,1 is a brilliant way of having fun and drawing at the same time. Aimed at six plus, you have to be fast for this game and it’s designed for those on the go. There is a variety of game options in one compact stow away set and inspiration dice can help provide ideas for your drawings, so you can play on your own or challenge family and friends to guess your sketch. You can choose what to draw and how tricky the designs are, but you are against the clock as the Pipsqueak pen has a fun sand timer attached.

If team games are more you thing, then Scribble Scramble is a frantic team game for players aged from six plus, where you have to guess before it disappears.

Ruaridh (9) and Flora (7) had a fabulous time playing against mum and dad and moving the Scribble Scramble unit to work out their team’s doodle before it disappeared. The idea is the players pick a Scribble card, start in zone 3 on the board and the quicker your team guesses the drawing, the more points you get and the first to 20 points wins.

The game has storage for two Crayola Dry Erase Pens, plus 80 x game cards included in the box and there are lots of options to allow the player to have lots of fun.

And if all that fun wasn’t enough, then Doodle Delirium is a madcap and fun filled adventure against time with four creative challenges to complete around the Doodle Delirium board, Paper Mashups, Model Madness, Scribble Riddles and Doodle Dummies. It’s a hilarious doodling, modelling and guessing game for people aged eight plus and comes with a sand timer cap which fits on the end of your Crayola pen, four Pipsqueak character counters, 4 x card packs, coloured dice, a notepad, modelling clay and paper mashup squares.

Who would have thought pens could have been so much fun!

3,2,1 Draw, Scribble Scramble and Doodle Delirium, priced from £9.99 to £24.99, for stockiest details, please call 01702 or visit