Bright future for Bad Cardigan

Jack Anwyl and Tom Randall, the two halves of acoustic duo Bad Cardigan.
Jack Anwyl and Tom Randall, the two halves of acoustic duo Bad Cardigan.
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Local duo Bad Cardigan, comprising Jack Anwyl and Tom Randall, talk to our local music scene reporter William Hartley about progress, possible changes to their line-up and what summertime might have in store for the in-demand band.

In recent months, acoustic duo Bad Cardigan have found themselves on some of the highest profile musical stages in the north of England, from the Manchester Academy to the O2 Academy at Liverpool. But what’s in store next for the rising stars?

Without wanting to divulge too much, Bad Cardigan revealed that this summer is looking like a big one for them.

“We are booked down to play at a festival, unfortunately we can’t say which,” revealed Jack. “However, it does average around 15,000 and it’s expected to grow this year.”

When quizzed further about the festival Tom said: “It’s really good because it’s different to most festivals, it’s a festival for real music lovers. The bands that are playing there aren’t the biggest bands in the country, but they are very popular in their own genre, so there is a massive cult following.”

Moving swiftly on, Bad Cardigan shared some interesting ideas they have in the pipeline about where they want to take the band from here: “We’ve been looking at adding some new levels to the band, possibly a drummer and a bassist,” said Jack. “Drummers are fairly easy to come by, but it’s a really good enigmatic bass player that’s hard to find.

“We’ve also been thinking about recording an album. As it stands we have 12 songs recorded, but we really want to reshape it. There are a few songs that we aren’t happy with at the moment, so we’re thinking about going back to the studio. Luckily for us, we recorded our tracks at Full Stat recording studio in Great Harwood, so we got a really good deal in terms of price.”

Amid all the talk of albums, Jack added: “Unfortunately we can’t give you a release date, mainly because we don’t know ourselves, but within the next 18 months there will be an album.”

Recordings aside, Bad Cardigan are clear that “the live music scene is back on the rise”.

If live music really is on the rise again, then the name Bad Cardigan will surely be one you will be hearing a lot more in years to come. With natural talent, charisma, chemistry and dedication, at the moment it’s looking like a surefire recipe for success.