Husband’s manuscript discovery leads to book launch

Author Maggie M. Grimshaw. (s)
Author Maggie M. Grimshaw. (s)

Author Maggie M. Grimshaw will be at Foxfields, Billington, to launch her book Surf Over Sand next Wednesday (May 7th).

Maggie, who has many relatives that live in Clitheroe, will be at Foxfields Country Hotel, Whalley Road, from 2 to 6 pm with copies of her book.

Lorraine Rackley, former head librarian with the School Library Service, will be interviewing former teacher Maggie, who will then sign copies of her first novel Surf Over Sand.

The novel tells the story of Lydia McIntyre who is constantly humiliated and disparaged by her mother and locked in a desperately unhappy marriage to a cruel man. She decides on a radical solution to her problems, but her plan comes to an abrupt halt when she witnesses a terrifying incident. Throughout the ordeal which follows, she will discover that despite the passage of time, she is able to depend on one unlikely person.

Maggie, who grew up in Darwen, studied French and Spanish at teacher training college in Leeds and took up her first teaching appointment in Huddersfield in 1976 at Almondbury High School and subsequently at Wellhouse Middle School, Mirfield.

She moved permanently to France in 1986 and formed and ran her won business there for many years, alternating work as an interpreter, translator, private tutor and teaching assistant in primary schools. She sat the Civil Service exams to become an English teacher in 1995 and taught in Gascony for 18 years. She also worked as a part-time lecturer in education at Toulouse University and as an advisor to newly-qualified English teachers in the area. Along with her husband and son, the family has also participated in the publishing of may English text books and CDs for the educational market in France. She retired in June 2013.

Maggie wrote the novel in her February and April school holidays over a three year period.

In the summer of 2012 her husband discovered the manuscript and, thinking it was completed, had 50 copies of it printed as a surprise for her 60th birthday.

She sent them all out as special gifts to her friends and family for Christmas 2012 and got such excellent reviews, even though the novel was incomplete, that she was prompted to finish the story.

She did not seek to publish, but was encouraged to do so after one of the gift copies of the printed unfinished manuscript was passed on by its recipient and read by a publisher friend.