LETTER: Bureaucrats never learn - just look at Clitheroe town centre ‘monstrosity’

I WOULDN’T bother about the new hideous monstrosity by the market in Clitheroe.

After all, I only need to ignore it briefly once a week, coming in from semi-rural Chatburn – only semi-rural as we have our own commuter traffic concentrating on our vibrant village post office and for Roy Porter’s celebrated wares.

It was a market stallholder who pointed out they have had to be in the shadow of this ugly thing three times a week on the market, with the well paid bureaucrats in their comfortable, well-heated council offices promoting it as a market town in the best traditions of the past.

I gave up on these bureaucrats over a decade ago when I pointed out a fifth form GCSE exam paper at the time which said new supermarkets had to be constructed outside town, since they served essentially vehicular traffic, and traffic has to be kept out of towns not drawn into them, causing congestion.

But our bureaucrats never learn. Why do they need to, assured as they are by their “well-padded” salary cheques.


St Chad’s Avenue,