Paul returns to live on ‘family land’

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When the Spedding family sold their Clitheroe farm for redevelopment, they did not foresee the family would keep their “home” there.

But that is exactly as things have turned out, with son Paul to move into one of the new homes on Ribble Meadows off Henthorn Road.

To cement the continuation of a connection to Henthorn Farm stretching back three generations, Paul was invited to lay the first bricks on the new site.

135 family homes are being built by Barratt on the site of the former dairy farm and for Paul, the opportunity for him and his family was too good to miss.

He said: “Our family has run the farm for many years and also operated a milk round in Clitheroe. The farm passed down from my great-grandparents to my grandparents and then my parents and I helped out on the farm with my dad John and my uncle Robin as a lad.

“Times have changed and the farm was not as profitable any more, so my parents decided to sell the land for redevelopment.”

After seeing plans for the new houses, Paul and his partner Melanie soon decided the site was the ideal place for them to make their home.

He continued: “It’s great because we love the houses and are still able to maintain our links with the area where we grew up, with the people who know us.”

Paul was invited to lay the first bricks of his new home, originally named The Farmhouse by Barratt. Paul and Melanie plan to rename it when they move in, as it is sited on what is known to the family as “New Meadow”.

Paul concluded: “It’s lovely to retain our community links. My parents have also bought a property on the development, Gamekeeper’s Lodge, so the area will always have a strong link with the farm.”




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