Clitheroe Tesco stages ‘Forfeit Friday’ for charity

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Shoppers did a double-take when they saw the store manager having his head shorn, and another manager locked in a cage.

It was part of the “Forfeit Friday” at Tesco, Clitheroe, in which bosses suffered various indignities to raise £970 for Diabetes UK.

Store manager Daniel Berrisford, a Wigan Rugby fan, was forced to wear a Leeds Rhinos shirt and hold a soft toy mascot as he went hairless.

Normally chatty counters manager Angela Fisher had to undergo a sponsored silence while shut in a cage.

Night manager Russell Sanderson did his entire night shift in drag, store assistant Paul Dugdale suffered a leg waxing, produce manager Brian Horrocks sang in a sponsored karaoke and grocery manager Kevin Smith, a Manchester United fan, had to wear a Liverpool shirt all day.

Vikki Rebanks, better service manager, said: “We made sure they really had to suffer, and it got a great reaction from our customers.”




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