Water supply should be returning to normal

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Ribble Valley residents should see their water supply returning to normal by now according to a spokesman for United Utilities.

He said that the water supply should have returned to normal by lunchtime today following a burst pipe.

Engineers are currently diverting water around the leak via the intricate network of mains, while a team carries out the repair on the damaged pipe. Some customers are already noticing water returning.

Mark Donaghy, spokesman for United Utilities, said: “We’re really sorry for any problems this burst has caused today. We’re moving quickly to get water back to customers’ taps and hope the situation will be back to normal very shortly.”

A 15-inch PVC pipe burst near Slaidburn Road, in Waddington, in the early hours of the morning, which caused a loss of water, or low pressure, to customers across Clitheroe and some Ribble Valley villages.

Engineers have been carefully manoeuvring water around the burst. They need to move the water very slowly to try and avoid pressure issues, which can cause further leaks.

Customers should notice their water returning this morning thanks to this “rezoning” of supplies and it is hoped the repair will be finished by early evening. A 6m length of pipe will replace the damaged section.

United Utilities is also using tankers to fill reservoirs which serve rural villages in the area, to help keep taps flowing.

There is a chance customers may notice their water is slightly discoloured at first. They should run the nearest cold tap to their stop-cock at a trickle until clears.