Ribble Valley school raises cash for vital roof repairs

Waddington and West Bradford CE School

Waddington and West Bradford CE School "Raise the Roof" campaign. (s)

A village school is rising to a unique “double your money” offer to raise funds for much-needed roof repairs.

Staff, pupils and friends of Waddington and West Bradford CE Primary School have set an ambitious revenue target to raise money for crucial repairs and have now been offered a helping hand from a well-known Clitheroe family.

The school’s Friends Committee is used to raising funds to spend on resources or on subsidising trips and in recent years has managed to raise approximately £3,000 a year through its efforts. This year has seen it take up the huge challenge to double this amount to pay for roof repairs to the main school building.

An unexpected and welcome offer of help has come from the Lancaster family, creators of the charitable Lancaster Foundation, whose grandchildren have attended the school.

Acting deputy headteacher Rachel Lopiccolo explained: “It’s been a massive undertaking for us to raise the extra money required. As with all schools, we operate within extremely tight budget confines and we have had to work really hard to come up with any extra funds.

“The Lancasters have offered to match the amount we raise to a maximum of £7,000, which is an amazingly generous proposition.”

The starting point for the fundraising efforts was £450 raised by a school disco in September and last week’s Christmas fair brought in more than £1,000.

Mrs Lopiccolo continued: “It’s already been an amazing effort by the Friends Committee, especially considering that this time last year there were only three or four regular members – there are now more than 10 people involved. They have also come up with the idea of a dinner-dance and auction night, which will be held at Eaves Hall in the spring. We’re hoping we’ll be able to come somewhere near the total around that time.”

l Anyone who would like to make a donation to the Raise the Roof Fund or offer an auction prize should contact Rachel Lopiccolo on 01200 422915 or email: rachel.lopiccolo@wwb.lancs.sch.uk.




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