Procession ends with new Mayor for Clitheroe

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The new Clitheroe town mayor was voted in at the traditional Mayor Making ceremony which took place at the Moot Hall, now part of Clitheroe Library, on Tuesday.

Coun. Val Cooper, who has been the Deputy Mayor for the past municipal year, was proposed as Mayor by the incoming leader of the town council, Coun. Mary Robinson. The new Deputy Mayor was also appointed and is Coun. Jim Shervey.

Coun. Cooper has been a town councillor for three years and in her new role as Mayor she automatically takes over the presidency of the Pendle Club, a popular luncheon club for the elderly, of which she is currently secretary and a passionate advocate.

She commented: “It’s been an amazing day and I’m incredibly proud to become the Mayor of Clitheroe. I can’t wait to get to know all of Clitheroe’s organisations, charities and townspeople.”

Coun. Cooper also acknowledged that her predecessor, Coun. Kevin Horkin will be a hard act to follow.

She said: “Kevin has done a brilliant job throughout his term as mayor and raised such a lot of money along the way. I can’t hope to match the amazing sums he’s raised, but I’m going to do my best – my term will be all about loving, caring, giving and sharing, with lots of laughter along the way I hope.”

The ceremony also saw the traditional procession through Clitheroe.




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