It's hats off to a cool idea at The Glasshouse

Customers at The Glasshouse restaurant in Ribchester can borrow a hat to ward off the hot sun

Customers at The Glasshouse restaurant in Ribchester can borrow a hat to ward off the hot sun

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As summer temperatures soar a Ribchester café bar owner has come up with a really cool idea.

Guests at The Glasshouse at Stydd can now choose from a selection of more than 30 colourful hats to wear when it’s sunny. The women look really hot in stylish straw hats, floppy bonnets or cowgirl-style headwear while the guys look great in fashionable fedoras, panamas and sombreros.

Hats off to The Glasshouse proprietor, Alison Brown, who is brimming with enthusiasm for her idea.

“As you’d expect in a beautiful old glasshouse, on hot days the temperature can become just a little uncomfortable so I began thinking of ways to keep my customers feeling chilled.

“I started by taking in just a couple of hats from home and everybody went mad for them. The collection has grown by the day and I now have a big box full of hats of all shapes, sizes and colours which customers practically fight over,” said Alison.

The Glasshouse’s hat-wearing clientele also feel more relaxed eating in the sunny Stydd gardens too.

“Even though we have parasols and some cool shady spots outside in the gardens, for those who want to enjoy a table in the sunshine, our hats give extra protection so they can relax and enjoy their food and drink without worrying about getting sunburn,” added Alison.

So what is the top hat everybody wants to be seen wearing at Stydd?

“The more extravagant ones are a really big hit. We have a large floppy bright pink one which is usually the first to be chosen,” said Alison.

“Customers are enjoying the hats so much they often forget they’re wearing them and have to be politely reminded to give them back as they leave!”

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