Dance will help to provide people with clean water

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A dance will be held next month to raise funds for the leading British international charity Wateraid after one of its volunteer speakers gave a talk to Clitheroe U3A.

Chris Wilcock, of Low Moor, Clitheroe, is a volunteer speaker for the charity which provides clean water and sanitation to around two million people in the poorest countries of the world each year.

Chris explained: “I recently gave a talk to Clitheroe U3A and following on from that a lady in the audience decided she would like to organise a dance event to raise funds for the charity.

“The event is a ‘Ballroom and sequence dance’ and will take place at 7-30 pm on Friday September 5th at St Michael and St John’s Parish Centre, Lowergate, Clitheroe. Tickets are priced at £ 8-50 and include a hot supper.”

He added: “Support in Lancashire is gathering pace and I think it is partly due to the empathy that exists in local communities whose collective memories still reach back to the deprivation that existed when our local towns similarly suffered from poverty and lack of basic services not that many years ago.

“This summer, WaterAid are focussing on what it is like to be a girl in a poor country. The lives of young girls in the developing world is completely dominated by the responsibility of having to collect water for the rest of their families, for some it means carrying their own bodyweight in water every day, water so filthy it could kill them. In support of this initiative, the British Government has pledged to double every pound donated before September 9th which is a fantastic incentive to raise as much money as possible.”