Valley’s Red Pump Inn back in business

The Red Pump Inn, near Bashall Eaves
The Red Pump Inn, near Bashall Eaves

After four weeks of enforced closure following a burglary which caused extensive damage, The Red Pump Inn at Bashall Eaves is now open again.

In their typical fashion, the staff at the Red Pump have brushed off what was a serious incident and turned it into a positive.

“Yes it was definitely a horrible experience and yes, it stopped us trading for a month, but at the end of the day we are still alive, still standing and keen to move on and get back to our usual routine!” said proprietor Martina Myerscough.

After the four week “break”, the Red Pump opened in time for its 10th annual Game Fest Weekend.

“We were worried people might have forgotten about us, being closed for the month, but Game Fest was excellent and we were sold out both nights; it was very humbling and lovely to see our customers,” added Martina.

“This is the best time of the year, when we get to do our favourite hearty dishes. Our guest rooms get busy too with returning guests who come to explore the Ribble Valley and Bowland and it’s great to experience this part of our job.

“We have guests who come from all over the country to cosy up in front of the fire with a big steaming bowl of venison casserole after a long hike up Pendle Hill; their dirty walking boots strewn in the hallway like it’s their home!.

“It’s a privilege and huge fun and it’s a relief to return to that after the last four weeks!”

The small team at the Red Pump have been inundated with cards and many gestures of support after the attack and are keen to express their heartfelt gratitude to all who supported them during this time.

Open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, you can find out more about the Red Pump, one of the Ribble Valleys few remaining independent hostelries, online at: