Whalley man pioneers Alzheimer’s treatment

Alan Whitfield from Whalley is producing a dietary supplement to help alzheimer's patients

Alan Whitfield from Whalley is producing a dietary supplement to help alzheimer's patients

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Businessman Alan Whitfield felt helpless as he saw his father fade away and die with Alzheimer’s disease.

He sold his interest in the sports nutrition business SiS and set up on a new venture, developing products aimed at improving the condition of Alzheimer’s sufferers.

Now Mr Whitfield is offering free trials of his products to a number of sufferers so he can pass on the results to Dr Mary Newport, an expert in the USA who used coconut oil to improve her own husband’s condition.

Mr Whitfield, who lives at Whalley, said: “All the time I was making products for athletes to go faster, my dad was declining and I couldn’t do anything about it. It was very frustrating. I worked on product development for 18 months, talking to academics and reading research papers.”

He started production at his new company Ketolife Ltd at the Glenfield Park business centre on the outskirts of Blackburn.

His MCT oil – Medium Chain Triglyceride – is made of coconut oil which stimulates production of ketones.

The body can use ketones as an alternative to burning carbohydrates, providing 
energy for the body and brain.

Mr Whitfield said: “I’ve been in contact with Dr Newport, and she’s appearing on TV over here in May. I’d like to hear from any Alzheimer’s sufferers in our area who have already used coconut oil, to let her know what the results have been.”

Mr Whitfield’s company (www.ketolife.co.uk) offers a seven-day free trial on its products, but he says he would like a limited number of customers to try the product free for longer.

He said: “What I’m making isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s, but it can make sufferers feel some degree better and get on with their lives.”

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